Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Race Review: Grand Teton Half Marathon in Jackson, Wyoming

Wyoming Half Marathon Race Reviews: Grand Teton Half Marathon Race Review submitted by Race Participant Fifty States Half Marathon Club member Art Vogt - 2015

Was the race well organized? Packet pick up, expo, start time, timing, support?

Great organization.
Mailed bib; cup free (gave a plastic thing to carry) hydrapouch;
a little cumbersome, but no paper litter.

Chip on shoe timing.
Pacers up to 3h45m.

Was the race well organized? Packet pick up, expo, start time, timing, support?

Small mini Expo at Golf Course.

Were enough volunteers recruited? How was on course support? Enough food? Enough water?

Good volunteer support.
Food box and Chocolate milk at finish.

Shuttles (school buses) from Jackson Hole to Start and back.

How was the post race party? Good food? Music? Enough food? Enough refreshments & recovery food or drinks? Describe

Small party, music.

How was the medal? below average? average? excellent? beyond excellent, pretty cool?

Best medals.

How was the swag? Any awesome swag? Brand of shirt?

Nice Tech shirt

How was the cost of the race compared to most half marathons? about average, a great deal, way too expensive for the swag, bling and support that was provided, well worth the cost for the swag, bling, post race party and support received?

Average cost of race, but a little hard to
get a place to stay.

Was this a small race, a medium sized race, or large race?

Small/medium size event.

Was the course scenic? What was the highlight of the course (or highlights of the course)? What made the course fun (or totally boring)? 

How more scenic can you get than the Grand Teton
National Park !

Right next door to Yellowstone. 

Describe the course. Was it flat? Rollers the whole way? Flat with one big monster hill? All up? All down? All up then all down? etc. Was it shaded? Trees, dessert, mountainous, city streets, all neighborhoods, through a park, etc?

First half was flat through a small town;
second small/gradual climb to Finish.

Anything else you'd like to share about the race? Feel free to Share. 

The National Park series seems great;
doing the Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee) 9/12 and Zion (Utah) next March.   Hope to do Grand Canyon in May.

Put on by the Vacation Races people; very organized and competent.

The Bling .....

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