Saturday, February 1, 2014

Off season for Half Marathons in Wyoming

October through April is the off season for half marathons in Wyoming.  With the western 2/3 of Wyoming covered mostly with mountain ranges and rangelands in the foothills of the eastern Rocky Mountains, we at first thought maybe it was due to weather! However after researching the state, we realized that was not the case for such a long break.  We can only speculate it must be due to the state being the least populated in the United States, and the 2nd least densely populated of all the states.  For 2014, The Medicine Bow Half Marathon kicks off the half marathon season May 25th.  With only 12 half marathons for the entire year in Wyoming, the events are actually pretty on top of announcing their 2014 dates, with only Teton Pass Kicker and Pinedale a little behind in identifying or announcing a 2014 date.  Additionally, while there are a limited number of half marathons to choose from, you can't really find a bad pick in the beautiful scenic wide open spaces of Wyoming!

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